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Collaborative Artist Residency

Sunshine Ink is looking for an artist, creative, model, actress, poet, blogger, or freelancer to become the third Artist In Residence living in our studio located in the SW hills of Portland, OR.  In these climate uncertain times of rolling pandemic lockdowns, we want to offer our excess resource, a room free of rent and utility expenses, so you feel secure and grounded for creative inspiration and collaboration.  In exchange, we ask you to offer up at least 1/3 of your time to fulfilling studio projects, and all that goes into them.  Those projects vary from lifestyle photoshoots for stock, to marketing campaigns as we have three films we are undertaking as well as our publishing projects.


With at least one of the films requiring a female lead to accomplish.  Our goal is to complete this film project in the next year, and the thought of rolling pandemic lockdowns where we cannot interact with humanity has pushed us to this idea of sharing resources as a means of unleashing creativity to thrive over the next year.  There are lots of opportunities for cross collaboration, joint art ventures and photography shoots.

Pertinent Details: The room can be fully furnished or accommodate your personal effects, and is available from now till 8/1/21.  It is 207sqft with a small amount of storage available as part of a 1500sqft art studio spread across four other spaces for painting, photography, writing, and darkroom work.  Residency is for a female only due to the film role and teenage female artist living on the premises.  The studio is nestled in a quiet neighborhood in the SW Hills near Multnomah Village.

Film Project #1 - All the Words

A hypnotic film about an artist’s love letters to a fellow artist, who we follow in her daily melodic bohemian life as she narrates the letters.

It is shot in an intimate realism that drips of a simplistic voyeurism, this film reveals an honest documentation of life in a time of upheaval. The dreamy landscape of her life is laid bare in juxtaposition to his love letters to her, as they tell the story of his devotion and gushing desire for her joy. The story is a moving epic for the ethereal end times, seemingly in isolation, we are laid to bare the loneliness of her readings as insight into modern love.

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