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Current Featured Publications
Extinction Rebellion Sorcery_cover_B&W_f

Climate Sorcery 

A set of daily meditations on of black & white photographs of water drops. Using quantum physics, water, and positive intentions, a person or small group of people can have a positive impact on the world. 

mrc pc cover_edited.jpg

Pure Visceral Artist

A book of purely woven science, art, and relationships from an artist's point of view as he interacts with the denizens of dive bar in the hay-day of Portland's Alternative Culture.

The Art of Twisted Pinups - Volume 2 Sca

 Volume 2 Scarlett Storm 06/28/2009

The 2nd installment of amazing photography that visually chronicles the art of Twisted Pinups. Available in both Print and Kindle Editions.

seeking the mystical theory of everythin

Quantum Love

An exploration of the quantum science of love, communication, and positive messages projected through all spacetime in the face of the surreal times of climate change induced catastrophe.

chasing skirt cover final_edited_edited.

Delicious Motivation

A complete look at the motivations of an artist in his pursuits of dive bars, women, and the delicious interactions of drunkards in the perfect nights of Portland's Dive Culture

a love song for an inked doll cover fina

Scrumptious Amore

A series of love poems written as an 80s love song from an artist to his inked muse.  This books is a change in style for the poet that resonates with women and male readers alike.

The Art of Twisted Pinups - Volume 1 Lil

 Volume 1 Lily 05/14/2008

The amazing photography sessions of his punk alt fashion nudes that visually chronicles a new art form in the debauchery of Twisted Pinups. Available in both Print and Kindle Editions.

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